Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bean report
I wonder how a bean can grow without soil and how it grows on a tissue?
This term we have been focusing on science and we all got given a bean from Kiri to look after and take responsibility of. Kiri had also given us an observation sheet so we could observe our bean and record it on the sheet.

I hypothesis that my bean seed will not survive because I will probably forget to water it.

Firstly I glued my observation sheet into my literacy book
Secondly I got given my bean and put it in a petri dish
Thirdly I started doing my observation and recording it down
Fourthly I started watering it

On the 9th of August 2016 my bean was 1 cm long with little gray vines and no leafs.
On the 18th it was still 1 cm long and hade white wrinkles and one yellow dot still no leafs.
On the 26th it was 2.5 cm long and had turned green still with a little bit of white and had also grown a stork but still no leafs.
In the end it turned out that my bean had survived and ended up in the planter box outside room 12.

Something that I learnt was that the sun is one of the main sources of energy to keep the bean alive. I also learnt that a bean does not need soil to grow. But I am still wondering how it can grow without soil.

By Cerys



Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holidays A.B.C.

Holidays A.B.C.        

Ate food in the food court 
Bought clothes in the mall
Collected lollies to eat 
Dinner at Mr Wong’s
Eggs for breakfast 
Flew to Australia 
Got treats for my dog
House exploring 
I drew the front of my house
Journeys through the city
Kayaking in Sydney
Listened to my parents
Missed my Guinea pigs
Nails painted pink 
Overpowered dog running in the park
Picked pinecones in Jellie Park 
Quietness while we sleep
Rode the fake animals in a mall
Shopping in Warringah mall
Taronga zoo
Yelled at my brother 
Very hot at night
Watched Netflix in bed
X box 3
Yummy food
Zoo was my favourite activity 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Term two reflection

Term two reflection 

Last term I enjoyed doing the reading cards because I liked how we read the story and then got to answer the questions from the back of the card. I also enjoy how we got to read in our own speed.

I disliked the speed of how we did our writing because I had just started a piece of writing and I hadn't finished it and I had to start a new piece and that gave me a lot of stress.

A highlight for me was the pupil conceal because I got to be part of my first disco that I helped run. I also got to have lots of fun doing the posters for the disco and working with someone I don't usually work with at school.

Something new that I learnt was how to make friendship bracelets. It was interesting how a friendship bracelet is basically made out of knots but you did it in a certain way so that it would turn out as it was meant to look like.

Overall I really enjoyed this term and am looking forward to the next term.

DNA should be compulsory

DNA should be compulsory 
My claim is that DNA test should be compulsory. And I've got reasons why.

Firstly, in history people were judged by what they look like and they still are now. Along time ago there was a person called Hitler and he only liked people with blonde hair and blue eyes the rest of them got sent to a camp.

Secondly, more people would know their history if they got their DNA tested. And adopted people would know were there family is from and their heritage.

Thirdly, people would understand more about where they came from. And they could connect with other cultures and make you think twice before going to war.

In conclusion, I believe that DNA test should be compulsory so that no one will be mean to one another. 

Discovery Time

DT Reflection 
Today at Discovery Time 
I did a science experiment with Natalya,Anzu,Todd,Marco,sairusi, and Natalya's Nana. The experiment we did was bag bombs.

Today I noticed nobody because I was concentrating on what I was doing.

My struggle was when you have to lift a full cup of vinegar or water into the plastic bag.

If I could improve or redo it I would focus more on zipping up the bag when we were about to throw the bomb in the air.

Overall I really enjoyed it because when it came to my turn to throw it was a success.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery Time

Discovery Time

Today at Discovery time I made red sky jelly with Anzu,Lulu and I it is actually called blue sky jelly but we made it with red jelly to make our own twist to it.

A struggle for me was getting the cream off the spoon and on to the jelly because it stuck to the spoon. So I let Anzu do that.

A success was getting it made and into the cups but now we have to wait for the jelly to set. And that will probably will be done by lunch.

I would like to improve on making sure that we have set out a job for each other before we do it so that it is fair. 

A dislike is that the jelly takes ages to set so we have to wait.

I didn't notice anyone today because I was to interested in my work.



My speech

Do you know what happens to all the plastic that you throw away.

Everyday we,re using plastic. In the morning I open my plastic Nutella jar, spread it on the toast using a plastic board, brush my teeth with my plastic toothbrush, open my plastic lunchbox, drink from a plastic water bottle .…... 
We're completely drowning in plastic. 

So what does happen to all that plastic when we are done with it.

Well nothing. The problem with plastic is that it doesn't just rot away. It might actually surprise you to know that it takes between 500 to1000 years to disintegrate. So, apart from the plastic that has been burnt, almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists.

But what if we invented a plastic that degraded.  How would that improve the world.

I'll tell you how.

For a start there would be 1 million sea birds that would still be flying in the skies this year.

100 thousand mammals would still be swimming our beautiful oceans.

Then there is the problem of plastic soup.  What's plastic soup?  Well if you took all your plastic trash from this week and put it in a filled bathtub, you start to get an idea.  Now imagine the whole world throwing its plastic into the oceans.  It creates a giant floating trash pile the size of Texas, and it's known as the plastic soup.

So why is plastic so bad for animals.  

Let me tell you a story. In March this year a 10 meter whale washed up on a beach in Spain.  They cut it open to see why it had died, and to their horror they found 17 kilograms of plastic in its stomach. Because the plastic does not degrade, it ends up blocking the whales food system, causing it to starve to death.

We also have mounting trash piles.

We think we recycle lots of plastics, but in fact only 1 to 3 percent of the 100 million tonnes of plastic that we use every year is recycled.  10 percent goes into the oceans, and the rest is put into trash dumps.  

Why is this bad?

Well plastics are made of petrol, so when they do disintegrate in a 1000 years time we just do not know what harm will come from these chemicals entering the soil and possibly the water supply. It's a ticking time bomb.

So plastics are bad because they don't biodegrade like cardboard does, this means they hang around and are a risk to animals and pollute the environment.  With 100 million tonnes produced each year we have to find a solution to this problem...

.. And I think plastics that biodegrade is the answer.

My medals:
Good facts
Clear voice 

Little bit slower