Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Leech and nz otter Contrast Habitat

Leech and nz otter Contrast


A leech lives in a dark, murky and damp freshwater habitat.

Their  habitats aren't hard to find in other parts of the world.

In the same way both are hard to find in New Zealand. Whereas an otter lives in a freshwater habitat .


The leech is limited to a few defences. They mainly grab where they cannot be touched or seen and when they have the opportunity they will swiggle off. Unlike an otter that defends themselves with their sharp teeth.  


The leech  looks  pitch black and  slimy and  sometimes they can have brown stripes on their body and they can also  be shiny in the sun. In contrast an otter looks fluffy, cuddly  and has dark brown fur as well as sharp claws. Most importantly it has sharp teeth to to protect itself.


The leech attacks by sucking blood off its predators flesh and draining fluids off the prey. Unlike otters that have very sharp teeth and sharp claws to attack its predators.


The threats to leeches are big ducks and sometimes humans because  when they go on humans, they roll on sand and put salt on them which sometimes makes them die and sometimes scared and so they will swiggle off. The otters threats are humans, killer whales and pollution.



An otter eats lots of fish and crabs and have also been known to eat smelly duck eggs however the leech eats flesh, animal fluids and blood.

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