Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Water monitoring process

For our topic we are learning about water. Every morning when we get to school we have to do water monitoring to see if the water’s good to drink. At first we put the pH in, which is a special piece of paper that changes color and what ever color it changes it means if it's healthy or not.

Secondly I took the temperature. I put the  thermometer in the water and waited for one minute then I took it out of the water and on it were numbers to show what the temperature was.

Thirdly I looked for suspended solids which are little bugs that are in the water but if   they're not there the water is not clean.

Fourthly I tested the turbidity.that the how clean the water is. We did that by holding a book and putting the class of water in front of the book and see if we could see the words.

Overall I found out how to test water and about a spread sheet and  from now on I'm nogoing to use water carefully.

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