Thursday, 30 July 2015

Term two reflection


Term two reflections

My opinion about term two was fantastic.The reason why I say that is because when I was learning about waterways and water I had so much fun as well as  learning.

This term we have been learning about how to monitor water and waterways. The teachers have done lots of thinking to see how we could learn more from when we were prestructural or unistructural.

First  of all we decided to look at all the waterways not all but see if we could find them on maps or Google earth and write them down on a piece of paper. After that we went on our trips. I chose to go to the Groynes which is also known as a dog park and  to the water pumping station. My favourite would be the Groynes because I got to learn more about invertebrates and their home.

After that we stated to monitor water And we had to do that every day which got a little annoying that we did that for about 2 weeks. We are learning to be scientists by gathering data over a period of time.

Then the teachers put us into buddies. We had to use all the knowledge of our invertebrate that we had been studying and compare it with our buddies’ knowledge. We put it into a piece of writing that was one of my favourite things. (And so you know invertebrates are little bugs that live in the water.)

We started talking about waterways and how we could save them. We got all these ideas on how to save our waterways. I did a poster with Anzu. It looked so good when it was finished. We spent lots of time on it. Then we started to practice for the finale.The next morning it was the finale and most of the parents came to see what we had been learning over the term. I was a little nervous but not that much. Luckily my mum had lots of friends so I got to explain why I did a poster. Anyway, the finale went great but I got tired of sitting down so the only thing I would change would be to stand up or be in the audience so I could sit with my mum.


  1. I enjoyed reading your honest comments about term two's learning.

  2. Cerys this is written wonderfully. It is such a personal reflection about term 2's learning, which is exactly what a reflection should be. I love that you talked about moving on from being prestructural and how you were all scientists with your learning. I especially moved how you recognised what you would like to change if you were to do this again another time. Well done! I have really enjoyed reading this reflection.. Definitely one of my favourites! :)
    Miss D