Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hiding spot

Hiding Spot

1… 2… 3… I hear the sound of counting. I start sprinting to the closest hiding spot I could seek. As I slip in I hear the trembling sound of the rough fabric.

“Then ready or not here I come,” goes through my ears and everything goes quiet you would be able to hear a pin drop. I take a look. My brother has disappeared like a ghost.

The room falls silent, this hiding spot is the boringest yet.  For some reason I start to smooth the fabric like I'm smoothing the sea with my hands this seems a bit odd so I peek out the window I see my dog at his favourite restaurant the backyard enjoying a delicious main rabbit.

I start to hear footsteps coming nearer and nearer to me. I try to squeeze myself into the  corner of the room but it's to hard so I just stay put.

Luckily he goes past. But I need a drink so once he's gone I quickly grab a drink and go back to my spot. I thought he saw me so I have another peek but he's not near, so I'm safe.

I get real tired and want to sit down because it has been such a long time but I can't. I'm thinking if I should show my face or stay here for about another hour if he doesn't find me. Then boo!!! I screech. He has found me! I guess it's time for me to count.


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