Monday, 16 November 2015

New bike

It was a Friday afternoon and me and my mum were heading to the bike shop to look for a new bike for me. I was so excited I knew exactly what I wanted. As I walked into the door one of the bikes caught my eye. It was blue and shiny and the best thing about it was it had 21 gears. I knew it was the one for me.

I asked the man if I could try ride it. He said “sure” so he took the bike off the stand and took it out into the carpark and put down the seat.

I got on the bike and ride it round the carpark. It was my third time and as I was just turning around a car pulled in and I nearly crashed. I started heading back and I was so embarrassed that I told my mum I wanted to leave now and get the bike.

So we asked the man if he could hold on to the bike he said, ”yes.” I got into the car and said to my mum,”That's the one.”

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  1. What a lovely piece of writing Cerys. Isn't it just wonderful when something feels right straight away! I love your use of speech marks too.. You just need to make sure they are all facing the "right" way. Looking forward to reading the next piece of writing from you. Miss D :)