Wednesday, 4 November 2015



I was in Tahiti and I was about to go whale watching. I couldn't wait. As I approached the boat, the captain said, “We are now heading off.” I was so tired that I had to go over to my mum and have a rest.

After about 35 minutes, I heard a loud voice saying, “Get your snorkelling gear on, we have seen a whale.”

I immediately woke up and then the captain said, “You are only allowed to go in the water if you are a good swimmer.”

I knew I was a good swimmer. When I got in the water I was so quiet I couldn't even make one splash. I hopped on my dad's back and put my head in the water. Then I realised it was a baby humpback whale. I slid off my dad’s back and it was just there. It was so cool to be there in the water with a whale. But the mum of the whale was scared of us so it was right at the bottom of the sea.

I was there for a while until a guy from another boat made a big splash and scared the whale off. The marine biologist, who was telling us all about the whales, asked if Oscar and I wanted to go back to the boat. I said yes so I hopped on his back.

Once we got on the boat I heard the marine biologist say to the captain, “We are going to see if we can find the whale.”

But when they came back they said they could not see it  so we headed back.

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