Monday, 4 July 2016

Discovery Time Reflection

Today at Discovery Time, Anzu, Natalya and I all made a cubbyhole for Natalya’s Shopkins that she brought in for Discovery Time.

A struggle for me was cutting out the fabric and making sure that it was the same size as the cardboard for their cosy beds to sleep on in the night.

Today I noticed the people who were doing science because they knew what they were doing and were focused. Science is usually quiet and you need to concentrate.

I would like to improve on knowing what I want to do before Discovery Time starts.
Because I would like to be more organised on what I do for Discovery Time.

I achieved cutting out the fabric the same size as the cardboard for all of the three pieces even though it was really hard and it took ages.

Overall I am really proud of what I got done today because I got to improve on my patience and cutting skills.


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