Wednesday, 7 September 2016

DNA should be compulsory

DNA should be compulsory 
My claim is that DNA test should be compulsory. And I've got reasons why.

Firstly, in history people were judged by what they look like and they still are now. Along time ago there was a person called Hitler and he only liked people with blonde hair and blue eyes the rest of them got sent to a camp.

Secondly, more people would know their history if they got their DNA tested. And adopted people would know were there family is from and their heritage.

Thirdly, people would understand more about where they came from. And they could connect with other cultures and make you think twice before going to war.

In conclusion, I believe that DNA test should be compulsory so that no one will be mean to one another. 

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  1. Good job Cerys.
    I love your writting and I agree with your claim.
    DNA tests should be compulsory so that people can know more about their heritage and people would think twice before going to war, just like you said.
    You are a great writer.