Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Term two reflection

Term two reflection 

Last term I enjoyed doing the reading cards because I liked how we read the story and then got to answer the questions from the back of the card. I also enjoy how we got to read in our own speed.

I disliked the speed of how we did our writing because I had just started a piece of writing and I hadn't finished it and I had to start a new piece and that gave me a lot of stress.

A highlight for me was the pupil conceal because I got to be part of my first disco that I helped run. I also got to have lots of fun doing the posters for the disco and working with someone I don't usually work with at school.

Something new that I learnt was how to make friendship bracelets. It was interesting how a friendship bracelet is basically made out of knots but you did it in a certain way so that it would turn out as it was meant to look like.

Overall I really enjoyed this term and am looking forward to the next term.

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