Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Holidays A.B.C.

Holidays A.B.C.        

Ate food in the food court 
Bought clothes in the mall
Collected lollies to eat 
Dinner at Mr Wong’s
Eggs for breakfast 
Flew to Australia 
Got treats for my dog
House exploring 
I drew the front of my house
Journeys through the city
Kayaking in Sydney
Listened to my parents
Missed my Guinea pigs
Nails painted pink 
Overpowered dog running in the park
Picked pinecones in Jellie Park 
Quietness while we sleep
Rode the fake animals in a mall
Shopping in Warringah mall
Taronga zoo
Yelled at my brother 
Very hot at night
Watched Netflix in bed
X box 3
Yummy food
Zoo was my favourite activity 

1 comment:

  1. well done Cerys. i am very proud of you and so is Jehovah.-katie xxx