Thursday, 1 December 2016

Bean report
I wonder how a bean can grow without soil and how it grows on a tissue?
This term we have been focusing on science and we all got given a bean from Kiri to look after and take responsibility of. Kiri had also given us an observation sheet so we could observe our bean and record it on the sheet.

I hypothesis that my bean seed will not survive because I will probably forget to water it.

Firstly I glued my observation sheet into my literacy book
Secondly I got given my bean and put it in a petri dish
Thirdly I started doing my observation and recording it down
Fourthly I started watering it

On the 9th of August 2016 my bean was 1 cm long with little gray vines and no leafs.
On the 18th it was still 1 cm long and hade white wrinkles and one yellow dot still no leafs.
On the 26th it was 2.5 cm long and had turned green still with a little bit of white and had also grown a stork but still no leafs.
In the end it turned out that my bean had survived and ended up in the planter box outside room 12.

Something that I learnt was that the sun is one of the main sources of energy to keep the bean alive. I also learnt that a bean does not need soil to grow. But I am still wondering how it can grow without soil.

By Cerys



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